Christy likes to begin each project by listening to her client’s needs and wants. What is best for the client? What is the best design for the building or space? What will stand the test of time, stylistically and functionally? For any project, whether it is a down-to-the studs renovation or a single room decoration project, her goal is to ensure that the fundamental design and materials are classic, long lasting and appropriate to the building and its period.

Blessed with an incredible team of creative minds and craftsmen, Christy is continually inspired by the hive of activity that can be found on the job sites. Whether she is mentoring her team; overseeing a design project and/ or knee-deep in the creative process, Christy is not afraid to tread the line between glamour and grit. She is comfortable spending the morning in her office sketching out an idea for a project, sourcing that perfect accessory, or if need be, she is equally comfortable handling power tools on a job site.

When she is not working, Christy spends time with her husband and children. As the second-oldest of ten children, family time is premium. Weekends in the summer are spend camping in the mountains, playing at the river, working in the yard or finding any excuse to get together with all the cousins.